My First Sight of the Gardens at My New House – Front Yard

My first visit to this house was in the second week of September 2008. I made the offer the same day, and it was only because of difficulties in selling my mother’s house (I needed my share of that money for a down payment) that I wasn’t able to move in until the very end of October.

I took these pictures a few days later. They show – in part – what I inherited. As you can see, the street side garden was perfectly weeded and mulched.

There was nothing to warn me that the garden along the street was already jam-packed with plants competing for space, that the trumpet vine would send runners as much as 20 feet (even under the driveway!) and prove impossible to control, or that cup plants, with roots like iron descending clear to the Nine Hells, and spreading by both seeds and runners, would soon take over and overwhelm the area around the bench.

I was in for a shock come spring. Not necessarily a bad shock, but one hell of a surprise for sure.

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  1. victoria says:

    love this!

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