Bringing Renewal Indoors

Since I moved in here in late 2008, I’ve made very few changes to the interior. I had carpet taken out in the smallest room on the lower level and vinyl flooring put in, because I wanted to use that room for growing plants from seed and needed a floor that could get wet without problems. I also put in new vertical blinds in my bedroom and the guest room. One other change I made early on was to get decorative light switch and outlet plates. (If you’re interested, I can post pictures of those another time. Each set matches the room it’s in.)

Some years later, Angel painted the upper bathroom peach and the guest bedroom pure white. We bought paint for the office then, but there wasn’t time, on that visit, for her to do that room.

When I hired professional organizers after a serious illness left me too weak to do almost any kind of housework, including picking things up and putting them away, they suggested I remove the doors from the office closet and put up a curtain instead to make my supplies more accessible. Eventually I did that, too, though I never even washed it to get packing creases out.

The organized office - old color walls, and no curtain yet

The organized office – old color walls, and no curtain yet.

Original curtain over office closet

The original curtain I put up over the office closet. It was a close match to the furniture.





Beautifying the Bathroom

My first step in bringing garden renewal indoors, even before I conceived the concept, was to get a new shower curtain for my bathroom. It was about time! The one I had was the one I inherited when I moved in, and although it had been very attractive then, it was tired and stained now. The curtains were the same fabric. It took a long time to find new curtains that, while they didn’t match, had similar colors (in reverse) and were also flowered.

Dressing Up the Office

Angel came for another visit and this time painted the office. The change was radical and wonderful.

I decided the rough-textured dark gold curtain I’d originally put up over the closet just wouldn’t do against the robin’s egg blue of the newly-painted walls, and got new ones.

New office closet curtains, March 2015

New office closet curtains, March 2015. They dress up the room dramatically. Also, notice how the new room color matches the feet of the blue-footed boobies in the picture.

Updating the Kitchen

I’d read often that just updating the pulls or knobs on kitchen cabinets and doors could make a lot of difference, so I searched at Amazon Smile and found the perfect new knobs. Just today they were put on, and oh, what a lovely difference!

Kitchen - new sexy drawer and cabinet knobs

Sexy new knobs on all the kitchen drawers and cabinets. The difference in colors is a matter of lighting, not cleaning.

New kitchen knobs bring kitchen out of the 70s!

New kitchen knobs bring kitchen out of the 70s!


In addition to all this, I had electrical work done, installing new LED can lights in the kitchen – no more bulbs to change! – as well as new outlets, changes to existing outlets and switches, and a new ceiling fan for the kitchen. After that I found some decorative wall plates I’d never installed and did all of those.

What’s next for indoor renewal? I’m not sure. The rest of the interior needs paint, for one thing, but the landscape and other exterior features are my first priority.

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