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Designing a Garden

Designing a garden is one of the things I love to do. In fact, when I lived in Des Moines, IA, I opened my own small company, “The Gardener’s Apprentice,” and created designs for a few people before moving away … Continue reading

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I’m All Excited About the Next Garden Work

Well, so far I haven’t actually *planted* anything more today except the 4 petunias earlier on, in a planter with lemongrass and red sedum, but I’ve made progress all the same. I Roundupped quite a bit more weeds, pulled a … Continue reading

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180 Plants to Plant – Yikes!

It’s all too easy to get overenthusiastic when buying plants. There are dozens upon dozens of vendors all selling hundreds and hundreds of perennials, annuals, shrubs, ground covers and trees. If you’re like me, you can’t resist. You buy too … Continue reading

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Depression and Gardening

May 19, 2015 Depression, whether in bipolar disorder (my diagnosis) or not, is both mentally and physically debilitating. When it is accompanied by anxiety, the problem increases. Today, it is keeping me from doing any gardening. ________________________________________________ The arborists have … Continue reading

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10 Plants That Make My Heart Sing

Every flower gardener has favorite perennials, annuals, shrubs and trees. Some focus on those plants, making beds almost exclusively of roses or azaleas and rhododendrons (these people tend to have a lot of space for gardening, hostas, etc. Me, I’m … Continue reading

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