House Painting, Before and After

My daughter, the painter

My daughter Angel

My daughter Angel, whom I unofficially adopted when she was 13, was for many years a house painter, so naturally if I was going to pay someone something to paint my house, she was the one I wanted to pay. She doesn’t like to have her picture taken, so this is the only shot I got when she knew I was there.

My House Is Renewed!

First off, here’s a picture taken in 2008, showing the colors of the house when I purchased it, and then the startling change when the first painting was done. The new trim color didn’t look exceptionally good with the old house color:

From here on, the story is better told in pictures than in words.

Painting Before and After

Now some miscellaneous pictures:

I could not be happier with the result. You can see how dull, drab and dingy the house was before, and how it just sings now in bright paint and contrasting trim (that, although you can’t tell here, matches the new roof I had to put on last  year).

Even the house numbers got a makeover. When Angel took them off she suspected they were copper, and she was sure right:

Angel was here for over a month – longer than expected, due to some bad weather. Everything has two coats of paint, and she also put two coats of stain on the 600-foot privacy fence. (Unfortunately, I hate the color I picked for it, which is why you’re not going to see those pictures. My bad.)

After such a long visit, it was hard letting go when she went home. I miss her. I also miss her dog, Diego, the best and most darling dog in the world:

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