Preen is a Total Flop

After the landscapers finished renovating the slope bed, it was pristine black dirt with peat tilled in. We had to hustle and put plants back into it – most of them just went anywhere they could fit. A couple of days later I shook Preen all over the bed and watered it in well. Then I forgot about it – other parts of the yard needed urgent attention.

For those of you who don’t know, Preen is a pre-emergent herbicide, meaning it keeps seeds from germinating. Since almost no weeds were visible at the time, it should have been just what I needed – even though, as I discovered, the topsoil the landscapers brought in was anything but sterile. I never thought to ask… my mistake!

Then the other day I took a photo walk around the entire property (it’s only about a quarter acre, including the house). The sight of the slope bed made my stomach lurch. It’s absolutely choked with weeds.

I have a lot of Preen left, so I suppose I could absolutely cover some ground with it instead of shaking it around (although I did so rather thickly) just to see what happens. But frankly, I think the stuff was a waste of money. Here’s what I mean. Everything enclosed in red is weeds except in one place, which is a circle within a larger circle of weeds. It’s marked.


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