Bloom River Gardens – Review

This year I ordered two dwarf conifers from Bloom River Gardens online, chamaecyparis pisifera ‘Cumulus’ and ‘White Pygmy.’ I had had both of these before, but they died after an extremely severe winter where they were buried under close to a foot of snow for months.

These small shrubs weren’t cheap, and had been less expensive when I purchased them in 2011, but the ones I ordered this time were larger than the first set. Customer service was first-rate: a representative called me to say that ‘Cumulus’ had gone out of stock, and asking if I wanted to cancel that part of the order. He told me they were in the process of obtaining more, so I said I would not cancel, even though shipping would be delayed.

I was called again when the nursery obtained the shrub, and notified by mail of shipment. The two little darlings arrived in beautiful shape:

Dwarf Conifers from Bloom River Gardens

Chamaecyparis pisifera ‘Cumulus’ (left) and ‘White Pygmy’ from Bloom River Gardens

As you can see, they had been packed with care and suffered absolutely no damage in transit. The root balls were still moist. I was enchanted.

I’d been fortunate to pick up some especially lovely planters from at an amazing sale price that were perfect for these small gems of false cypress. (The planters come with plugs in the bottom that I thought were blocking drainage for indoor use, so I removed the plugs and planted. Oops. I missed the lettering that said “drill holes here for outdoor use. Don’t make that mistake!)

At any rate, the two small shrubs (‘Cumulus’ about 4.5″ wide and ‘White Pygmy’ about 6.5”) look wonderful in these planters, and are healthy as can be. I couldn’t be more delighted with my purchases from Bloom River Gardens, and give them an A rating for both plant quality and customer service.

Aren’t they marvellous?

Dwarf false cypress from Bloom River Gardens: 'Cumulus,' 'White Pygmy.'

Dwarf false cypress from Bloom River Gardens: ‘Cumulus,’ ‘White Pygmy.’


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