Friday Flowers – August 7, 2015

First off, there was a tornado here Monday night, passing within about a half mile south of me. I had no damage of any kind, but others weren’t so fortunate. It was an EF1, with the main damage to trees, plus houses and cars hit by trees. Farther west there were a few roofs ripped off. One very odd thing is there was a tremendous downpour in the storm, and yet my back yard soil was dry just a couple of days later, while the front yard’s soil was damp.

Now that that’s out of the way, here’s what’s blooming in my garden today (click on any image for enlargement):

Achillea 'Desert Eve Terracotta'

Achillea ‘Desert Eve Terracotta’

This achillea, just starting to bloom, is intended as a foil to the ‘Mighty Chestnut‘ daylilies. It replaced achillea ‘Paprika,’ which was definitely the wrong color, but so far looks too light-colored to work. Time will tell.

Daylily ‘Marque Moon’ is the only yellow flower in the island bed. I expected it to be more creamy than it turned out to be. Still,

Daylily 'Marque Moon'

Daylily ‘Marque Moon’

the ruffled edges have stolen my heart:

The blue, non-twining clematis x durandii is one of my treasures. It’s had a tough time because what I expected to be able to do with it turned out not to be possible. I wanted to train it into the weeping pussy willow tree, but that tree has turned out to be just a horrid weeping mound of very large and ugly green leaves.

Clematis x durandii

Clematis x durandii

Thanks to my new friend Sofie on Facebook, I got a trick for making the clematis climb. It’s inside of a tomato cage. Unfortunately, I planted it too close to the damn tree, which I plan to take out and put somewhere else next spring. Yesterday I had to go all around the tree and cut the branches off by about 3 feet, including pulling them out of the tomato cage where they were hiding some of the clematis flowers. The swirls at left are spent flowers – I think they enhance the beauty of the vine as a whole. This plant has been blooming most of the time since late spring!

Some pictures that need no commentary:

Behind the alliums at left are a medium-sized black-leaved actaea, and at right, a lovely dwarf japanese maple.

My camera started giving me trouble at this point, so the next photos are smaller than I’d have liked. Sorry about the blurriness on some of them.

Here’s a full-sized shot of the hibiscus:

Hardy Hibiscus - Variety Unknown

Hardy Hibiscus – Variety Unknown

Bottom left is a fairy who smiles on the top of my cat Lucy’s grave, which obviously needs some weeding. A statue of two little girls dancing together is farther left, out of the shot.



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