One Wish: Die, Weeds, DIE!

David Beaulieu, Landscaping Expert, posted about the ‘Secret Lust’ Coneflower, a powder-puff echinacea that changes colors. In Facebook’s #gardenchat group, he asked, “Do you have a Secret Lust?”

Well, yes, I do, but it isn’t this flower or any perennial. My secret lust is to have all the weeds and all the shoots of the !#$%@ trumpet vine vanish overnight.

Damned Trumpet Vine Outfoxed Me

Damned Trumpet Vine Outfoxed Me

I thought I was being clever when I put an overturned pot over one of those trumpet vine shoots. But not so! Here’s what happened:

Yes, the tenacious damned thing made its way through a small hole in the bottom of the pot.

That’s the island garden bed, the one where my son and I dug up almost every good plant and potted them. But in spite of my having blasted the remaining weeds with Roundup before planting, treated every visible shoot of the trumpet vine with poison ivy and brush killer, and mulched most of it, by the early September it was chaos again:

Depressing, isn’t it? And this is just the smallest of my seven gardens.

Why did I let it get so bad? Four reasons:

  1. I can’t work in hot weather, especially when it’s humid.
  2. I didn’t expect this after all the work I’d done to prevent weeds.
  3. I haven’t been feeling well, including lots of problems with my right knee and depression.
  4. I can’t work in hot weather.

Then there were two cool days. I was able to weed this entire bed – except for the thrice-be-damned trumpet vines – in less than half an hour, and the next day get the worst of the weeds out of the north border the next day in 65 minutes. In my next post, some before and after pictures.

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