Bad Back: No Garden Work Allowed

My garden needs a lot of attention before fall. There are plants and bulbs to put in the ground. A veritable ocean of weeds needs to be pulled. I have 4 bags of cypress mulch to put down on the island bed, and a half load of wood chips to use to mulch the street border bed.

Weeping Pussy Willow in Fall

Weeping Pussy Willow looks odd this fall

I need to treat trumpet vine shoots and staghorn sumac suckers with brush killer. I want to root prune and move some shrubs and the weeping pussy willow tree (although that may have to wait – it’s looking really strange). The compost needs to be turned.


I need to weed.
I need to weed.
I need to weed.
I need to weed.
I need to weed.

I need to weed!

I need to weed!

The patio furniture needs to be put back where it all belongs. Empty planters need to be stored.

The weather is perfect, too. 60 degrees. I can work hard in 60 degrees and tolerate sunlight without a problem.

No, the problem is, digging is very bad for me when my back is bad, and my back is very bad just now. And my chiropractor just told me to avoid bending and lifting.

My original low back injury happened when I spent a full day digging up special plants and shrubs to take with me when I moved from Des Moines, IA to Northfield, IL. I packed them in the car with their roots wrapped in wet newspaper (the larger ones) or in pots, and the next day drove for six hours in a car that had no cruise control, meaning pressure on the right foot the whole way.

By two days later, I was in agony. And ever since then, I’ve needed touch-up chiropractic care for my bad back about every six months.

The result of those restrictions – no digging, bending or lifting – is “no gardening allowed”:

Root Pruning
Turning compost

Moving furniture
Moving planters


And that pretty much rules out everything.

Nonetheless, the pain is BAD, even after a massive adjustment to my twisted, tilted sacrum. The muscles around it are really unhappy. I want to get this FIXED, so I don’t want to do anything to aggravate it. So yes, I’m going to comply with Dr. Greg’s instructions.


Dr. Greg Wakolbinger
Greater Chicago Chiropractic
71 S Milwaukee Ave.
Wheeling, IL 60090

If you’re in the northern suburbs of Chicago, Dr. Greg is THE man to see for back problems. I’ve been to many chiropractors and only found one other who is as good as he is.

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