About Me

I’m retired after working as a file clerk, teletype operator, transcriptionist, typographer, office manager, bookkeeper and freelance writer. Well, actually, I’ll keep on writing till I die.

My passions are roleplaying, gardening, crocheting and, of course, writing.

I’ve never been married. I was engaged once, but my fiancé died just a month after we got engaged.  We’d been together for 11 years.

I have two unofficially adopted children – the children of my heart – named Joey and Angel. I met them in a roleplaying chat room when they were 15 and 13; now they are grown up and more dear to me than ever.  They’ll show up in these pages.

Here’s how they celebrated my 60th birthday:echypie

Yes, really – a whipped cream pie in the face.



2 Responses to About Me

  1. Trudy Denis says:

    I have bipolar depression and just found your website. I want to know how you are able to get so much done while living with this disease. Thanks for your reply,

    • Echo says:

      Your question deserves a more in-depth answer than I can give right now. I’m making a note to write on this topic on my other blog, Echo’s Web, as this blog is specifically about gardening. When I do, I’ll also post a reply to you here with a link.

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