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Why I Cut Down the Staghorn Sumac

Staghorn sumac – botanical name rhus typhina – is an interesting structural element in the garden most of the year, and utterly spectacular in the fall. This picture shows that the staghorn is – at least, mine was – a … Continue reading

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Designing a Garden

Designing a garden is one of the things I love to do. In fact, when I lived in Des Moines, IA, I opened my own small company, “The Gardener’s Apprentice,” and created designs for a few people before moving away … Continue reading

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I’m All Excited About the Next Garden Work

Well, so far I haven’t actually *planted* anything more today except the 4 petunias earlier on, in a planter with lemongrass and red sedum, but I’ve made progress all the same. I Roundupped quite a bit more weeds, pulled a … Continue reading

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