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Renovation and Renewal – Prioritizing, Regrets and Successes

When I applied for a home equity line of credit back in February, I had certain things in mind that I wanted to do with the money. Unfortunately, due to falling property values in my area, I couldn’t get as … Continue reading

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Renovating a Weed-Choked Garden Bed

One of my first planned projects for my “year of renewal and renovation” was to clean up a small island bed that sits between the two halves of my driveway, out at the street end, that was almost buried in … Continue reading

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House Painting, Before and After

My daughter Angel, whom I unofficially adopted when she was 13, was for many years a house painter, so naturally if I was going to pay someone something to paint my house, she was the one I wanted to pay. … Continue reading

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Renewing the Sloping Garden

After many hours of work, the landscapers Juan and John had finished digging tons of rocks and stepping stones from the sloping garden in my back yard. As I said at the end of my last blog, I was so … Continue reading

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Why This Year?

This spring of 2015 has many elements to it that have been missing from the last several years. Much of it is that my mental health is far better than it has been in years. Now I want to share … Continue reading

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