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Renewing the Sloping Garden

After many hours of work, the landscapers Juan and John had finished digging tons of rocks and stepping stones from the sloping garden in my back yard. As I said at the end of my last blog, I was so … Continue reading

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Renovating the Slope Garden

As I posted earlier, when I bought this house I inherited a sloping garden in the back yard that was so filled with rocks and gravel that it was virtually impossible to add any new plants. It was even hard … Continue reading

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Island Bed Attack Phase 1: Rescue the Perennials

The small island garden that separates the two halves of my driveway at the street end is, as I said in my last post, a mass of weeds with some very good perennials dotted here and there. The first step … Continue reading

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Weeds, Weeds and More Weeds – Attacking the Island Bed

My son Joey is coming to visit early next week to help me with garden work. We’re going to start out working in one of the toughest spaces – the island bed between the split in my double-wide driveway. That … Continue reading

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Whose Great Idea Was This?

  From the front, my house looks like it is a one-story ranch, but actually it is a three-level split. Past the house in back the ground begins to slope gradually down to a small lake, but in the center, … Continue reading

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